Counselling is the gateway of any medical treatment as it makes a connection between the clinician and the patient. The pain and anguish of being infertile for a quite long period leave the patient with an unstable state of mind where no decisions can be taken upon easily. This can be emotionally and physically challenging, and at Vizag IVF Centre, we offer fertility counselling services for patients before, during or after treatment. Our aim is to counsel the patient scientifically & give mental confidence.

Counselling includes

  • Detailed history taking & making a record of your details in a unique identification number.
  • An experienced IVF coordinator will take your history.
  • We show the basic procedure with audio-visual presentation instruments are superior & we also explain superior explain how we differ from others.
  • We show all the procedures live on TV like ovum pick up & embryo transfer.
  • We show how an embryo grows and explain What is Blastocyst.


  • 3D – 4D of the uterine cavity.
  • Antral follicle count by sono A.V.C.
  • Endometrial volume & grading by colour Doppler.

Patient Care

We have a Separate counsellor to counsel the infertile couple.

  • We care for you & we are with you to give you the perfect outcome.
  • Separate injection counselling by an experienced paramedical nurse.
  • 24 hrs helpline number to sort out any of your injection problems.
  • Every day injection reminder for your injection by SMS notification.
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